Trying something new

Moving from a city of almost 3 million to one of  a little over 86,000 is no joke. I am a city girl that moved to what I will consider the smallest city I have ever lived in my entire life. It was the job. I don’t regret the move cause I absolutely LOVE the job but I must confess that I do miss a number of things like family, friends, the theater, parks, movies, hip restuarants, books, jazz, Shopping (B.R, Ann Taylor, Saks Fifth.. .holla!), salsa dancing, and everything else in between lol.  It’s been a challenge but one year and 4 months later, I can say I am doing quite fine because I have the two things that absolutely matter –  Maté and Chocolate. Mate, a South American tea that you drink out of a gourd with a straw, is like my substitute coffee and chocolate is my guilty pleasure.

Snowshoeing for the first time!

With most of my interests out of my daily reach, I have decided to find other things to occupy my time. I am now on a quest to try new things. I tried snowshoeing, joined a soccer league (but I recently pulled a muscle so, I will have to sit that out for a while. Booo!) and will finally begin learning how to swim next week and last but not the least, I will begin or at least attempt, to blog!  Feel free to join me as I while away my time talking about everything under the sun. (well, that’s when it shines of course because so far, we have not seen much of the sun and Its the end of June for Pete’s sake!) I will continue to try new things like sking and snowboarding, kayaking and sailing…. I figure, if I do, I might as well blog about it right?

The Gourd

Sometime soon, I will give you a great lesson on how to drink maté. I am quite sure you are gonna either like it or hate it. But you won’t know until you try. Just remember this saying about yerba maté, – “It is meant to be shared amongst friends.”  Consider this blog as my virtual mate. I invite you to share some with me and oh yeah, we’ll deal with the chocolate aspect later. Until then Saludos to Maté and Chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. Sounds like “the move” is bringing out the adventurous side of you..and oh, buy me something next time you got to Saks Fifth 🙂

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