So, I finally got “defriended” I guess it was about time. Hahaha!

A memorable event happened about 3 months ago. Actually it’s kind of funny, sad, hilarious, pathetic, immature, unfortunate, validating and everything in between. What was it? Well…  I finally got defriended on Facebook.  Of course, this was not before the “friend” told me to learn how to “speak proper English” so that my voice can be heard and I was also told that my statements were “uneducated and unfounded ...thereby diminishing my voice! I was amused and at the same time horrified that someone in my “circle of FB Friends” would dare to be so rude. But then, hey I do tend to intentionally create an atmosphere for quasi controversial dialog(insert evil wink.)  Wanna know what quasi controversial statement of mine ticked her off? I’ll tell ya. I basically said that Fox News was a joke. Lesson of the day – don’t diss Fox. Hahaha….

Here is the deal. I love to know what people think even though I might not agree. Everyone has a right to share their opinions and they should feel that it is safe for them to do so. My FB friends know this. that is why they can freely converse, debate, argue.. or whatever you want to call it… on my FB page without feeling threatened. They know that in general, I am a straight shooter. I share what’s on my mind about whatever is happening around us. I do so, knowing that some people will disagree, but I am ok with it. If we don’t have differing views on issues, then life would be quite boring.

Instead of this person to take the opportunity to freely share any constructive thoughts she had on my status all I got was – advice on how I needed to learn to speak proper English. Instead of her to challenge me on my so called “unfounded” statements, she again implied that my voice won’t be heard because I make uneducated and unfounded statements. Well.. she may be right, who knows? Maybe I am uneducated and make unfounded statements. So what? Facebook is not the appropriate platform to post a dissertation anyway, so I really am not that concerned about who I cite and how I cite. The fact that I missed an apostrophe or a period in my sentence is not really of concern to me either.

You know, I really thank God for one thing though. this minute inconsequential incident really ended up making me happy. Because on any given day, a white American telling me (a person of African descent) to “speak proper english” would have definitely tempted me to say things I never thought I could say. That particular phrase has a lot of history for many people like me. When I say “a lot” I really mean it. I could tell a multitude of stories stemming from the unbelievable amount of ignorance of many many “Americans” that I or other immigrant friends have met along the way (you would be amazed at what people say.) So in general, that particular statement really strikes a chord. But you know what? That day, even though it still struck a chord, it was different. It was brief. It did not last. Instead, it ended with a smile and then laughter. Laughter at the silliness embedded behind the statement because it made absolutely no sense.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was still bothered by the ignorance behind it. However, I wanted to make sure that I was not making a bunch of assumptions and subsequently creating a mountain out of a molehill. So, I deflected the two insulting statements with neutral or quasi positive responses. Then I followed up by sending an email to the person, just asking for clarification. Was I making assumptions? was she being sarcastic? Were the statements really directed at me personally? What’s the deal?

So, what happened after I sent the email? Well, let’s just say 3 months later….. I am still waiting for a response. I am quite sure I will not get one. You see, when I tried to send a message, it was then that I realized that I had no access to her wall and she was no longer on my friend list anymore. I had been DEFRIENDED!  Hahaha! I finally got defriended. I guess its about darn time.

So for those of you who are still interested in reading my status even though they may annoy you, keep me as a friend. However, if you can’t suck it up and join our awesome conversations, then I guess you better defriend me right now, cause I don’t plan to stop my comments any time soon.


Until later… love from Mate and Chocolate


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