Sojourner’s telling the Truth

“It is the mind that makes the body”Sojourner Truth

I have always greatly admired people like Sojourner Truth. She actually did something with her life. She helped people. She made a difference and she faced many odds.  I sometimes wonder if she would have liked drinking maté or if she ever once indulged in chocolate? I have a feeling she didn’t. I really don’t know why she was named Sojourner Truth? I am sure if I did a little digging, I could come up with an answer to that piece of the puzzle, but you know what? Right now I am just too lazy to embark on the journey to find out why she was given the name Sojourner.  I guess that’s kind of ironical since right now, I am about to delve into a new journey in my already chaotic life. School.  The word little ten year olds hear and immediately dive under the protective covers of their blankets on a cold rainy day at 7am, because they know they need to get up, get dressed and head on out to learn something new.

I can’t believe I am actually saying this but I am going back to school! Now, I don’t know if that word will actually elicit the same reaction from me as it does in a ten year old, but right now all I know is, I am a conondrum of giddy, nervous and confident – all in one. Giddy cause I am excited about learning, nervous cause well… it costs money and as we all know, education in the USA is no cheap thing (more like a couple of mortgages to be exact) and lastly I am confident that I am ready to embark on this journey into the unknown and everything is going to be ok.

So here’s my something new that I am trying – I am going to school in another state without leaving the confines of my home i.e Distance Learning. You see, I have a job that I absolutely LOVE and with this job market, there is no way on earth that I would even think of quitting in order to embark on this new educational journey. So, my only option is a distance education experience and my schools of choice are on the East Coast. Now, I don’t know how all of this is going to turn out but I am at least going to try and I will on occassion use this forum as a way to talk about my experience. Hopefully it will help others who consider taking on a similar challenge by giving some sort of insight into how the theoretical works out in the practical sense. In the meantime, I am still trying to figure out whether I am making the right decision. I mean,  If I am too lazy to google Sojourner Truth just to find out how she ended up with the name, how the heck am I going to get through 1 day of studying? I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see and if you have any tips please be nice and share. In the meantime, I shall take Ms. Truth’s advice to heart and focus on my mind cause it makes the body. I guess, she is telling the Truth!

So until next time, saludos to Maté and Chocolate!