Food Station: My weekend journey to Thailandia…

I heart rice. I can eat rice three times a day, seven days a week for the next month and be just fine. However, there are days when I know I need to break out of my rice mold and try something new. So, since it was grocery shopping day,  I decided to buy ingredients  to make a Thai Peanut Chicken stir fry. I already had some some chicken and homemade peanut sauce at home (see note below on how to make a quickie peanut sauce), so all I needed were the vegetables. I think it turned out ok, although I must say I have made better. What I like about this stir fry is, I can use the leftovers with other things like rotini pasta or salad.  Oh and the peanut sauce, can also be used as a salad dressing or as a dip for spring rolls or I can just sautee some chicken, add some peanut sauce then add on top of a bed of salad. It tastes absolutely awesome!  I really love when I can use one main ingredient for multiple things. It just makes life easier and reduces my “in the kitchen” time.

Anyway, back to my stir fry…

So, here are some of the highlights of my cooking expedition this past weekend. I am also throwing in some pictures that I took with my Iphone (not the best quality, but I think it serves its purpose).  Fyi,  for those of you that live by measurements, I am not including any. I don’t measure, I gauge. Lol.

The stir fry Ingredients:

    1. Olive Oil
    2. Diced chicken
    3. Onions
    4. garlic
    5. Peanut sauce
    6. Chicken broth
    7. Your choice of vegetables. I used: Broccoli, snow peas, shredded carrots, mushrooms, red, yellow and orange bell peppers.
    8. Salt and pepper to taste.

First, I heated up some olive oil in a pan (the amount of oil depends on the amount of chicken you plan to use).  Once heated, I added the garlic, onions and diced chicken and cooked the chicken until slightly browned

Brown the chicken in olive oil with garlic and onions

Once the chicken was browned, I added about a couple of tablespoons of peanut sauce to the mix. I already had this made previously because I love making my own peanut sauce. I will share that recipe some other time. If you don’t know how to make it, you can easily pick up some peanut sauce from any grocery store.  

Next, I added my snap peas.  This was my first time EVER using snap peas in anything. They looked like they would need more time to cook compared to the other veggies, so they went in first.

Then I added some chicken broth. (Note: the amount used really depends on how saucy you want your stir fry to be. I wanted some saucy stir fry lol.)

Next I added the broccoli and let that cook for about a minute…

add broccoli

 then I added the bell peppers …


add peppersand next, the carrots and let them cook for another minute or so... Last, I added the mushrooms. They went in last, because they don’t need much heat.everything is added...

I also added salt and pepper to taste. In general, you can add any other spice you think would go with this. I was too lazy to be creative with my spicing so I just stuck to the salt and pepper, oh, I did add some cilantro too. On a good day, I think I would have added some ginger as well. I love ginger!

Yum! I overcooked the veggies 😦

Once my veggies were cooked to my liking, I plated it with . . . SURPRISE, SURPRISE – Rice!  Of course, you can also eat this with pasta. Actually today, I added the left over stir fry to rotini pasta and that’s my lunch for tomorrow. Normally I throw a couple spoons of chopped peanuts over this, but I was so hungry that I forgot. So, if you make this, don’t forget the peanuts. The added crunch, is sooo worth it.

I was also feeling super ambitious, so while I was making my stir fry, I made a number of Spring Rolls too. I figured, Hey, I have peanut sauce and I can use the same ingredients in my stir fry to make the spring rolls, so… I did. However I forgot to take pictures of the process, so all I have is a couple of pictures of a sloppily rolled spring roll that sure tasted great! Next time, I will remember to take picturesof the process. But here is the end product –

spring rolls!

Well, hope you are inspired to try out this stir fry or create your own. It is really easy to make and quite healthy too.



Note on homemade peanut sauce: Wanna make a quickie peanut sauce? Dump – peanut butter, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sugar and some chicken broth in a blender. Mix and serve. To make is spicy, add some thai chili paste or some red pepper flakes. (I definitely have to give props to my friend Linnea for giving me this wonderful recipe idea.)